I got my bike!

Hello!  It’s been a crazy few weeks… lots of research, forms, planning, more research, then some extra research… but we are getting there!  I am happy to report that I got my new home (bike) for the next year or so.. It’s a KTM 690 Enduro R..  Very light weight, at 138.5 kg with 690 cc’s.  Compared to 199 kg and above for comparable size bikes.

This was a big deal to me for a couple reasons.  One, I didn’t want a monster bike that I couldn’t pick up by myself as I know it will go down a few times along the way.. (hopefully while nobody is watching..)
And two, it gives me more versatility to explore!!  I don’t have to stick to the highways or bitumen paths.  I can go anywhere.. to that isolated village down the dirt track or cruise down the highway with 690 cc’s, much easier than the smaller off road bikes.
So!!!  That’s how I decided, and now I am still in the process of choosing the right gear for the bike.  Loads of accessories from KTM as you might image.  Plus spare parts and tools, etc.  But there is much more to consider and organize….
More on that later.  
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One response to “I got my bike!

  • Sheila

    Great choice on the bike! Please be safe and ENJOY the ride! (p.s. I'm a fan of yours from Adventure Bound,I liked the shows you were on the best. No offense to Alby of course LOL.

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