South Korea begins..

Sort of uneventful blog today.. but those will happen from time to time.. so I will keep this one a bit short.

After studying my Lonely Planet book a bit, I left Busan for Gyeongju.  Had a bit of a rough time getting there.. it was really hot, and not sure if it was the food, or adjusting to a new country, but sitting through the normal overcrowded city traffic for around 3 hours again, I nearly fainted a couple times.

Wearing my riding suit, plus gloves, plus helmet in humid heat combined with lots of truck and car fumes was doing me in..  I felt the tingling in my head and then I got cold and a bit dizzy.  It was not the sort of traffic or roads (10 lanes total) that you can pull over quickly.. so I toughed it out and made sure no passing out in a new country!

It was a relief to find Gyeongju and I didn’t think much but to go to a hotel recommended in the LP book.

Once settled, and after not eating all day, I set out to find a meal…

This is what I found!

I can get some potatoes or a dress.. hmm, maybe go for the dress? Nah.. potatoes are better..

Or try some dead little dried fish..?

I went past restaurant after restaurant, and what really helps is they put a photo in the window of every meal they make.. Problem was, there was no way I was going to eat anything I saw in the photo..

I gave up and scuffled around the convenience store, I took home a cheapie.. Ramen noodles.

Made it in my room, and it was yuk as well… give up!

This is a small country and I have plenty of time to get to Sokcho, so I opt to stay another day to try to get used to where I am..

I decided the Museum I passed on the way in will help me get to know the country and the people – even the food.

I love this never ending question:  What came first the chicken or the egg?

Another common phrase I hear in Australia all the time is:  “bits and pieces”

I found the origin!  (Note: bottom right hand corner)

That’s the bit and these are the pieces!

I saw lots of arrowheads and burial mounds.. so much in common with Native American Indian!

Okay I get it.. the Kings and Queens and Emperors… I’m glad I went to the Museum.

Now another attempt at finding a food.. this is starting to concern me!

I wandered around the city, and I found a McDonalds.  Honestly!  Nothing in there looked any good either, not that it normally does.. but they serve Shrimp Burgers!! Super yuk!

I got a kick out of their delivery mobiles though.  Won/Juan/John from the ferry told me about this.  McDonald’s doesn’t do so well in this country so to try to keep business up, they offer free delivery..

I finally got lucky… I found a Pizza Hut.. I know, I know, I am in South Korea, and should not be attennding such a place.. but I really just wanted vegetables.. a salad to be precise.  And this pizza hut had a salad bar.. Perfect!  I can eat!!

Plus, it was my birthday, and a fun meal of pizza and salad worked for me..!

On my way home I stopped into a bakery, and noticed they had birthday cakes.. If I could choose any cake in the shop, this is the one I would pick.

Instead of eating it, I took a photo of it… my body thanks me.. 😉

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